Applications are now open for the positions of Campus Ambassador for International Youth Society. The positions aim to recognize exceptional students in the world who are leaders in the effort to brings students together to develop solutions to campus challenges, increase leadership and professional skills, and build new friendships and to contribute to a better future for students and young peoples.

International Youth Society is a youth-led organization that empowers students and young professionals to create ‘positive change’ in their local communities and around the world. It provides unique opportunities that assist to young people in becoming the business and professional leaders of tomorrow.
Through International Youth Society (IYS) around the world, young people take action through community and international service to create sustainable solutions to local and global challenges, connect with the global community to expand professional networks, exchange ideas with leaders, and cultivate lifelong friendship around the world, develop skills to become community and global leaders, and have fun while recognizing the importance of Change Through Collaboration. Currently, IYS has a presence over 115 countries.

Position Details
The IYS Campus Ambassador is a senior member of the International Youth Society will serve as official Representative for IYS in his/her Campus(School/College/University). The Ambassador provides technical and leadership to IYS Campus Team(IYSCaT). The primary responsibility of the Campus Ambassador is to ensure successful of the IYS with the students at the campus level.
Position title: Campus Ambassador Category: Campus(School/College/University) Level: A Duration: 1 Year term (renewable once based on performance ) Supervisor/Report to: Country Director/IYS Secretariat Job type: Voluntary Service (VS) Part-Time

IYS Promotion Activities:

  • Give a presentation, remarks, and speeches at the campus level.
  • Liaison with youth communities and local authorities to promote IYS values, mission, and vision.
  • Develop a proactive marketing strategy to ensure that all entities are aware of IYS activities with the support of Communications Officer and other team members.
  • Effectively engage in youth community activities, projects, and initiatives.

Team Leadership:

  • IYS campus team (IYSCaT) comprises campus volunteer officers that are responsible for facilitation of IYS activities at campus level. The Ambassador is responsible for establishing and leading this team to serve as a cooperative and interactive unit. Team development and leadership is, therefore, an important component of the IYSCaT.

Coordination Duties:

  • Actively engage in Fundraising Activities, through strategic partnerships and public engagement activities and initiatives.
  • Coordinate member organizations/Associations accreditation at IYS, through assist in connecting youth organizations with IYS for registration.
  • Liaison with donors – In close coordination with the Country Director and secretariat, the Ambassador will maintain close cooperation with the donor representatives in the campus. She/he will work closely together to develop proposals and secure funding to ensure on-going IYS functions.

Communications Duties:

  • Maintain active communication among youth organizations and other interested agencies in at campus level.
  • Report youth achievements, success stories, youth progressing and related news to HQ press.
  • Provide annual report about IYS campus activities, stats, member organizations.
  • Regional Monitor and evaluation process (RM&E): The Country Director and the Executive Board review the Campus Ambassadors’ annual reports. If the Campus Ambassador do not meet their responsibilities, the Country Director or the Executive Board can offer suggestions. If problems continue, the Campus Ambassador can be put on notice that they may be asked to step down. If, after being put on notice, the level of effort and activity does not improve, with the approval of the IYS Secretariat the Country Director can ask the Campus Ambassador to resign.

Core Competenciesces:

  • Strategic planning and creative thinking.
  • Planning and Organizing.
  • Drive for Results.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork.
  • Leadership, Advocacy, Engagement, and Influence.

Functional Competencies:

  • Ability to lead strategic planning, results-based management, and reporting.
  • Ability to lead and manage corporate strategic initiatives.
  • Excellent computer, internet, social media and information system skills.

As a Campus Ambassador and in collaboration with a core group, you will have the chance to:

  • Become a part of Global Family
  • Be the HERO at Campus
  • Make Campus Chapter/Branch and Campus Committee.
  • Get 100% waiver of registration fees in IYS’s international events (condition apply).
  • Help Young Professionals (YP’s) reach their full potential in agricultural development by being the voice of IYS and representing the Country members of the community at a national and global scale.
  • Work on youth-related issues in own country and link these efforts with regional initiatives.
  • Network and maintain relationships or partnerships with stakeholders and other youth organizations.
  • Have a great asset for your CV as IYS is supported by many partner organizations.
  • Connect and get to know other CA’s and YP’s – not just at the Campus level but also globally.
  • Contribute to the youth development in the world.
  • Represent your Institute and home country at IYS’s international events and travel in different countries on behalf of IYS.
  • Develop the youths skills, knowledge and attitude to take a leadership roles.
  • Share ideas and insights at IYS’s events to bring a positive contribution on your respective home country.
  • Motive other young fellows to be a change maker.
  • Discover your voice and realize your ability.
  • Identify own leadership strength on international level.
  • Understand the importance of credibility and living fundamental values
  • Identify and try new approaches needed for growth.
  • Bring an impact through your amazing work
  • Be part of one of World’s youth-led movements, a wide community of young leaders working towards sustainable development.
  • Opportunity to work and connect with professionals, relevant institutions and young people in your country and abroad, while widening your personal and professional network.
  • Certificate of recognition for the completed term of the ambassador role and many title awards.


  • Be a Student of the assigned institute(School/College/University).
  • Highly interest in youth empowerment, youth issues.
  • Highly encourage them who are involved in Volunteer Activities or, Club Activities or, Good at Communication
  • Evaluation of qualified candidates may include an assessment exercise which may be followed by a competency-based interview.

Application Process
Interested applicants are encouraged to send CV/ Resume(include Facebook/Linkedin Profile URL) and one of standard photograph to “Ref: Campus Ambassador/Country Name” in the subject until July 10 , 2020.

If you have questions, please contact via mail at


Deadline: July 10, 2020.

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